Ms. Natalya Shatokhina formed AAA Gallery and began managing it as the sole Director and Business Development Manager utilising her experience and developed skills.

She has undertaken a MBA and a MPA academic pursuits. During her time as an academic, Natalya recognised the need for Australia to highlight its Indigenous culture, and developed an interest in Aboriginal art.   

Since the company’s establishment in August 2015, it has already earned customer’s loyalty. Natalya possesses good working knowledge in sales and marketing strategies which allows her to maintain the organisation’s image and reputation with customers.  

AAA Gallery currently maintains its own: 


  • Website 
  • Facebook
  • Twitter 
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram 
  • Youtube 
  • and Google+ accounts, 

which the business utilises to gain interest from prospective customers. 

Expansion of Target Markets 

AAA Gallery currently plans to expand its current target markets to better grow and develop the art trading business. At present, the gallery plans to expand its target market nationally (through a brick-and-mortar business) and internationally (through the utilisation of its online presence). 

Brick-and-Mortar Business 

AAA Gallery plans to establish a physical art gallery in the local community to better attract prospective buyers from the local community. As an art trading business, it would benefit AAA Gallery greatly if the company were to set up and establish an art gallery. 

The company understands that relying on its online operations is unsustainable for the company as online shopping for art pieces takes the purchasing experience away from buyers. By shopping online, prospective buyers would be unable to gain a true sense of the painting’s textures, colours and artistic display if they are only viewing the art piece from an online picture. Prospective buyers also would not have a true sense of the art piece‟s size if they are unfamiliar with painting dimensions, and the lack of such knowledge could result in product returns. 

In light of this, a brick-and-mortar art gallery would allow prospective buyers to view the art pieces in their raw form and they would then be able to make more informed decisions regarding their purchase. A physical art gallery would also allow AAA Gallery to gain more traction in the local market as the company’s focus on Indigenous Australian art and culture is unique and overall valuable in highlighting key aspects of Australia’s history. 

Expanding Online Operations 

At present, the company’s website is default to English. However, the entire website is going to be translated to 3 other languages such as French, German, and Italian as well. 

The translation of the company’s website is in line with the company’s objectives to expand its operations overseas. Since the translations were mostly focused on European countries, AAA Gallery primarily plans on first expanding its operations to Europe and attempting to garner the interest of European customers to its Indigenous Australian products. 

French Market

Fabrice is our French speaking sales manager. He is originally from France, travelled for the first time in Australia in 2001. Why Australia? It started a couple of years earlier with the movie "Walkabout" by Nicolas Roeg and starring the amazing David Gulpilil. This could have not been a better introduction to the Aboriginal culture. Fabrice felt a deep connection, a strong desire to explore and ultimately meet the people of this country continent whose culture can be tracked back 60,000 years.

His cultural initiation started when he visited Alice Springs, Uluru and Kings Canyon. He met amazing and genuine people willing to share their culture, discover breathtaking sceneries and encountered Aboriginal artists eager to educate him. This was a life changing experience which led to another ten trips in Australia before permanently moving there in 2013.