The provenance of works of fine art is of great significance, especially to their owner. There are a number of reasons why painting provenance is important. A good provenance increases the value of a painting, and establishing provenance may help confirm the date, artist and the subject of a painting. It may confirm whether a painting is genuinely of the period it seems to date from. Documented evidence of provenance for an object can help to establish that it has not been altered and is not a forgery, a reproduction, stolen or looted art. Provenance helps assign the work to a known artist, and a documented history can be of use in helping to prove ownership.

All artworks of our Gallery come with a AAA Gallery Certificate of Authenticity and where possible, working photographs and/or a photo of the artist with the artwork and/or video of an artist in working process of creating an artwork.


A Certificate of Authenticity, or COA is a document that  accompanies an original work of art.  The COA is intended to provide clear concise facts about an artwork and to prove its authenticity. 

Our Certificate of Authenticity is printed onto AAA Gallery letterhead and encompasses the following details about the painting:    

  • Picture of the artwork
  • Artwork title
  • Year of creation
  • Dimension
  • Medium
  • Condition
  • Unique Catalogue number
  • Description of the artwork’s story
  • Picture of the artist
  • Artist name
  • Artist’s Language
  • Artist’s Country
  • About artist
  • Signature of the AAA Gallery manager
  • Issued date



Each piece of artwork is signed by the artists either with a signature or a cross (some older artists are unlettered and cannot write their name). Also every painting includes the following details:  

  • Artist Name
  • Artwork title
  • Year of creation
  • Dimentions
  • Unique Catalogue number
  • AAA Gallery’s Stamp 


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